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Article 1 - Purpose of the Website

The Website is intended:

To present the La Maeson brand

To present La Maeson products

To present the available La Maeson services

Article 2 – Responsibilities of Website users

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Article 3 – Security

You undertake, when making use of the Website, not to carry out any action of a kind likely to result in hardware or software failures or disruption of any kind affecting the Website’s operation or that of any server or service accessible through the Website.

You undertake in particular to make available within the online area comprising the Website only information, data, documents and files that are reliable and harmless, and unlikely to affect the operation of the Website or of any server or service accessible by means of the Website.

You undertake, when making use of the Website or any server or service accessible through the Website:

  • to comply with domestic and international laws and regulations in force, and with third party rights;
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CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH cannot be held liable for loss or harm caused as a result of unauthorised access to the Website by third parties or rendering access to the Website impossible.

Visitors are informed that Website availability may be interrupted at any time by CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH for maintenance, security or other technical reasons.

Article 4 - Limitations on CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH’s responsibility

4.1 – Limitations on responsibility

CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH has published this Website for the personal information of its users. No commercial use can be made of the data presented on the Website, even in part, without CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH’s prior written agreement.

The Website is a platform of advertisements for tiny homes intended for business users and private individuals. 

As a consequence, CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH will not be responsible for any inaccuracy and/or omission in any of the information placed online on this Website, or for any loss or harm caused by unauthorised third-party access resulting in alterations to the information made available on the Website.

Information published on the Website (text, graphics, photographs, etc.) is provided solely for information and guidance purposes only and is not binding. Despite our vigilance, this Website cannot be deemed to constitute a contract and cannot form the basis for any legal proceedings.

To obtain the latest accurate information, including on the prices, availability, characteristics, content and variants of the various products and services appearing on this Website, we recommend that you contact CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH who alone is in a position to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the characteristics and prices of the products and services they market and sell.

CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH follows a policy of continuous development of services on its network and reserves the right to change the information relating thereto with no prior notice or publicity, including information relating to the characteristics and price of products presented without incurring any liability for so doing.

Article 5 - Intellectual property

5.1. Copyright notice

The present website is a work of which CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH is the author.

CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH is the holder of the intellectual property rights pertaining to all the elements of this website, including its graphics charter, tree structure, browser interfaces, content, logos, graphics, illustrations, models, photos, videos, images, sounds, etc. Any reproduction, direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, by any means and in any form, partial or in full, as well as any representation, use or modification, including only partial changes, of the present website are prohibited. 

As such, barring prior, written authorisation from CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH, it is forbidden to represent, reproduce, adapt, translate and/or transform, in part or in full, and/or transfer to whatever medium, any part of this site. The distinctive signs and particularly the brands, company names, commercials names, banners, titles and domain names are the property of CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH or of its partners and cannot be used with the prior approval of their owner.

Any violation of the above provisions shall constitute an act of infringement and may carry civil and/or criminal penalties for the perpetrator. The elements of this website are made available to you for individual consultation and private use, to the exclusion of any possible commercial use.

5.2. Photo credits

All images found on this Website are covered by copyright.

Any direct or indirect, temporary or permanent, reproduction by any means and in any form whatsoever, in whole or in part, and any representation, use or modification, even in part, of the present Website is prohibited. 

5.3. Trademark protection

The trademark “La Maeson” is the exclusive property of CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH. The reproduction, use, attachment, removal or modification of these brand names without the prior authorisation of CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH or their holders constitutes an infringement.

Article 6 - Hypertext links and search engine listings

6.1. The Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites that are totally independent from the Website. CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH neither presumes nor guarantees that the information reached using such hyperlinks or on any other website linked to them is accurate, complete or truthful.

Consequently, you bear full responsibility for all access to other websites linked to the Website.

6.2. You may not create a hyperlink to the present Website or list it in any way without CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH’s express, written permission.

Article 7 - Amendments to the Website’s Legal Notices

CONCRETE PLAENE GmbH reserves the right to amend or correct the present Legal Notices at any time without prior notice, including in the event of changes to the legislation in force, in order to ensure the Notices comply with same.

Article 8 - Applicable Law

The Website and these Legal Notices are governed by the material laws of Germany.