Home from Home

Kick off your shoes, grab a drink and take a look around.

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A ready-made haven 
for your piece of earth

Prêt-à-vivre: comes partly or fully equipped

Inside-out kitchen: cook where you want

Modular Living System (MLS)

Seamless terrace shading & shelter

Spectacular acoustics from textile walls

100% recyclable

Off-grid ready

Change the colours of your future home

Good Morning

Wake up in your Mæson to find everything you’ll ever need. Open the curtains, stretch your limbs and take in the view. Time for a shower!

The Sky Is The Limit

In your bathroom everything is just where it is supposed to be. Look up through your skylight while you shower and enjoy the heavens above. Then grab your warm towel off the wall heating.

But First, Coffee

Should you have breakfast inside or out? Either way your kitchen comes with you, rotating easily 180°. It also comes fully or partly equipped.

Works Like A Dream

Read the paper or get some work done on your custom-made couch. Sockets are just where you need them. Or hit the deckchair if you feel like working on the terrace.

There And Back Again

Whether you’re going shopping or taking a stroll: Your Mæson is going to be safe. Your sliding door has a certified locking mechanism. You can add smart alarm systems, too.

All-Star Kitchen

Having friends over for dinner? Just swing the rotating kitchen to the outside and fire up your stove and oven. Grab cool beverages or grill your dinner under the stars.

Good Night

Relax on your couch with a book or the TV. Fell asleep while listening to the crackling fireplace? Don’t worry: you can turn your sofa into a sleeper in one motion.

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Your Own Way Of Living

Order is a personal thing. Where do you want your plants? Your towels? Your books? In LA MÆSON it is up to you, thanks to our Modular Living-System (MLS). Just put a hook into the horizontal lines and use it anyway you please.

In the living room you could hang a cabinet full of pellets for the fireplace, or a bureau for working. In the bedroom you could put a wardrobe or hang next days’ clothes on the wall. In your kitchen and bathroom you can put everything you need within arm’s reach. Your spice rack, say, or additional storage for your toiletries.

The MLS is inspired by the Japanese element kamoi 鴨居:
 A continuous strip around the perimeters of each room where to hang diverse objects. For LA MÆSON we have re-interpreated this technique: at a height of 90cm and used as an infrastructure for all house-held objects and functions.

Please note: Additional MLS cannot be ordered through the website currently. But it can be included—if you so wish, just let us know.

Modular Living-System (MLS)

Bathroom cabinet

Utility cabinet




Don’t Call It ›Tiny House‹

Your MÆSON can be an office, a hideaway or anything that you see fit. You can add satellite units (10m²)—for a sauna, a studio, or a separate bedroom.

Think Big.

Live Small.

LA MÆSON is much more than a tiny home. It was built from our belief that true luxury lies not in abundance, but in self-sufficiency.

Each MÆSON is pre-configured like a boat, marrying timeless design to thorough functionality—and exploiting every square centimetre. All appliances and equipment are exactly where you’d want them to be. Once you click that ›order‹ button you are going to get everything you need for good living. And nothing you don’t.

This is our mission

Use Less, Choose Well,
 Make it Last

This is Vivienne Westwood’s definition of sustainability and we are happy to steal it. It has been the underlying mantra in the development of LA MÆSON and in the choice of our partners. All our hand-picked suppliers are innovation leaders, often developing bespoke parts just for LA MÆSON. We have a zero-waste policy both for our company as well as the production of our houses.

More Things To Come


Lego for Adults

Modularity is key in the development of LA MÆSON. Upgrade anytime by adding satellite units to your house. Our satellites provide autarchy, more space, or indeed both.